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3R institutions in Germany

🔄 Charité 3R

Berlin wants to become the "capital of alternative methods". The Charité 3R center supports this goal of the Berlin state government by preparing and supporting Berlin-wide research alliances in the 3R field. Charité 3R also collaborates with partners at national and European level to jointly advance the implementation of the 3R principle in biomedical research. Charité 3R also has the task of visibly implementing the 3R principles in research and teaching at Charité. The website offers a variety of useful information on 3R topics ( link ).


🔄 3R Center Tübingen

This 3R center focuses on in vitro models and alternative animal experiments. Thus, they provide alternative methods and also promote new alternative methods ( link ).


🔄 3R casting

As an interdisciplinary research center, the 3R Center Giessen is concerned with the continuation of 3R research and teaching. It offers many projects as well as further and advanced training. 


🔄 FU Berlin - responsibility for people and animals

This website gives an overview of 3R research at Freie Universität Berlin and contains sections on ethical challenges, legal frameworks and animal welfare activities ( link ).


🔄 German Center for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R)

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) functions as the "German Center for the Protection of Laboratory Animals (Bf3R)" and coordinates all associated activities nationwide ( link ).


🔄 BfR database on animal experiments in Germany

The Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR) has the legal mandate to publish anonymized, generally understandable, non-technical project summaries of approved animal experimentation projects in Germany. The BfR makes the applicants' project summaries available to the public via the AnimalTestInfo database ( link ).



The Society for Laboratory Animal Science (GV-SOLAS) is committed to the responsible handling of laboratory animals. It is a competent contact for legislators, the scientific community and the public and also organizes scientific conferences and seminars ( link ).


🔄 Veterinary Association for Animal Welfare eV

The Veterinary Association for Animal Protection e.V. operates the working group "Animals in Experiments". The aim of the working group is to implement and promote evidence-based animal welfare in the field of animal experimentation ( link ).

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