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In animal research, there is often a lack of measures to reduce threats to validity such as bias or a lack of statistical significance. Measures to reduce such bias, such as randomization and blinding, are essential to ensure robust research results in addition to a sufficient number of test units. (Source: BIH QUEST Center)

🔄 Experimental design and statistical analysis

Section 4, Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis, of the PREPARE Guidelines provides much information on this subject, including links to online protocols and further reading ( link ).


🔄 Service unit biometrics at the ZI-Mannheim

In cooperation with the statistics department, the 3R Center offers statistical consulting services for scientists and helps researchers to put their research projects on a biometrically valid basis (email).


🔄 Test Planning Assistant (EDA)

"NC3R's Experimental Design Assistant" helps to create robust study protocols that are more likely to produce reliable and reproducible results. Protocols can be time-stamped and made publicly available (optional) to facilitate pre-registration. EDA also provides information on components and concepts critical to trial design, e.g., group and sample size, blinding, allocation ( link ).


🔄 PAASP Heidelberg

PAASP is a consulting and auditing company providing services and training in good research practice in non-preclinical, biomedical research areas with a particular focus on drug discovery and development ( link ).


🔄 EQIPD - European Quality in preclinical data

EQIPD aims to enable a smoother, faster and safer transition from preclinical to clinical testing and drug approval by establishing common guidelines to strengthen the robustness, accuracy and validity of research data ( link ).


🔄 Mouse models - white papers and manuals

Commercial providers of laboratory animals also provide helpful manuals and white papers:

Charles River - Strategies to Minimize Genetic Drift and Maximize Experimental Reproducibility in Mouse Research.

Envigo - 3R animal wellfare

The Jackson Laboratory Handbook on Genetically Standardized Mice (Sixth Edition)

Taconic - White Papers

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